EMC Summer Skills Development - Video 1, News (Elgin-Middlesex Canucks)


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Jul 02, 2020 | SandiPren | 1097 views
EMC Summer Skills Development - Video 1
EMC Players:

The better skater you strive to be, the more complete hockey player you will become.    The #1 priority skill in hockey is skating!  Speed, quickness, edge control/agility, balance and strength on your skates are all important components of becoming a good skater.  As your instructors break down the basic components of skating and implement power skating drills into our summer program, do your best to stay focused and work hard at everything being taught – even if it means trying things that may be outside of your ‘comfort zone’.   

I know that some of the drills and the repetition that comes with them can be somewhat boring, but they will all advance your ability to skate and you WILL become a better hockey player.    The player in the video clip below is one of the best skaters in the NHL in all of the components described above – as a youngster he embraced practice and power skating with a huge work ethic, focus and attention to detail.    

The EMC Summer Skills Program that you all have the good fortune to participate in is an excellent opportunity and a sure way to become a better hockey player!  Be focused – practice hard – and have fun!       


D. Warren,  EMC Coach Mentor